NATS is a founding member of two of Europe’s leading ANSP Alliances – the A6 Alliance and the Borealis Alliance.

A6 Alliance


The A6 is an alliance of some of the main European Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs). Its aim is to help drive modernisation of the European ATM network within the SESAR programme for the benefit of customers. Its role is to create synergies between the ANSP members of the SESAR JU to maximise customer and network benefits and to provide leadership at a European level in critical technical and strategic areas.

The A6 partners and their associated airspace

The A6 members, bound by a Memorandum of Co-operation, are full members of the SESAR Joint Undertaking, making the A6 uniquely placed to represent the interests of the ATM industry in the effective deployment of technologies and concepts developed through the SESAR programme.

The A6 Alliance is part of the SESAR Deployment Alliance, which was recently appointed SESAR Deployment Manager by the European Commission.

Learn more about the A6 Alliance.

Borealis Alliance

logo_borealis_greenishcrThe Borealis Alliance is a leading Alliance of Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) that enables its Members to drive better performance for stakeholders through business collaboration.

The Alliance includes the ANSPs of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Norway, Sweden and the UK. Combined, they provide air traffic services for 3.7m flights a year, across 12.5 million KM2 of north European airspace, between them forming Europe’s major transatlantic gateway.

The Borealis Alliance is currently working on a major programme to deliver free route airspace across the whole of Northern Europe by 2020. The programme will create free route airspace extending from the eastern boundary of the North Atlantic to the western boundary of Russian airspace in the North of Europe, delivering significant customer benefits in terms of fuel efficiency, environmental performance and cost savings.

Further details on the Borealis Free Route Airspace programme can be viewed by clicking on the graphic below.

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