We are committed to protecting our natural world. For over a decade we have reported on our environmental impact, including our progress on managing airspace efficiently, our reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and resource use associated with running our infrastructure.

Climate change

We recognise our responsibility to contribute to the UK’s net-zero greenhouse gas emission goal and to ensure the worst impacts of climate change are avoided.

We are committed to reducing the emissions resulting from running our business to zero by 2050 and, in the meantime, to reduce emissions across our ground operations. This includes procurement of renewable electricity, exploring on-site renewable generation options and carefully managing our resource use.

Airspace efficiency

Our net-zero target focusses on emissions from our ground operations, but we also appreciate the material influence we have over the emissions in the airspace we control. We recognise the need to balance the economic and social benefits of air travel while working with our aviation industry partners to minimise environmental impacts.

We recognise the benefit of working with others, from airline operators to airports, to deliver a sustainable future for aviation. We work with collaborative organisations such as Sustainable Aviation as well as contributing to efforts to improve airspace efficiency and develop more advanced aircraft, engine technology and sustainable aviation fuels.

Read more about this here…NEEDS link to new airspace emissions page [enviro section]

Resource use

We use the expertise of our employees to find ways to make better use of resources in order to reduce our carbon footprint and preserve natural resources. We are committed to applying the principles of sustainable consumption to our purchasing and use of natural resources.

We have targets to reduce waste and to increase reuse and recycling at our centres and have already removed most single use plastics from our catering. We recently introduced an anaerobic digester to deal with food waste and have an ongoing campaign to engage employees. We are also working hard to further reduce our water use, and further embed sustainability principles in our buying practices, including working with suppliers to help us reduce our impacts.


We are committed to ensuring that our business practices contribute to the protection and enhancement of our natural world, biodiversity, ecosystems and prevent pollution. We own and manage a significant area of green space across the UK and are committed to maximising its ecological value for the benefit of a wide variety of flora and fauna.

One of our largest sites for biodiversity is the 35-hectare Swanwick Lakes Nature Reserve adjacent to our Swanwick centre, which we fund. It features lakes, woods and grassland and is managed on our behalf by Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust for conservation and education.


Aircraft noise is a complex issue, requiring collaborative management across the industry to ensure that we reduce the impact on communities where we can.

Find out more about our work to reduce the impact of noise here: LINK TO AIRSPACE AND NOISE PAGE


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