NATS Consultancy enables the ATC community to find innovative ways to solve specific operational and technical challenges.

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NATS Consultancy enables the global air traffic control community to find innovative ways to solve operational and technical challenges and meet their objectives.

Every airport, airline and service provider has to deal with growth. Bigger fleets and more flights mean you will need to find new ways to manage this demand. But it’s not just commercial pressures – airports are politically high profile and government departments are always looking to increase runway and air space capacity.

With NATS you can rely on our impartial and independent consultancy.

With NATS you can rely on our impartial and independent consultancy.

A new project requires a lot of changes, and successful implementation calls for analysis, review of procedures, training and safety management. The relationship between these processes is complex and needs to be examined carefully. Installing new technology is a natural step in the development of your business, but it can also lead to additional challenges and consequences. Only an experienced partner such as NATS can help you prepare for these and ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

Impartial and independent experts

With NATS you can rely on our impartial and independent consultancy, and can call on our many years’ expertise as a global air navigation service provider. We offer a thorough understanding of all areas through first-hand experience, from finance to risk assessment, resource modelling to staff deployment, organisation redesign to public consultation.

Our experience has been gained internationally – our contributions around the globe have given us an in-depth understanding of local requirements and legislation.
We’re also used to working in the most critical environments, such as the high capacity operations at Heathrow, two of the world’s busiest single and dual runway airports.

This wealth of experience has enabled us to provide unique, innovative solutions for many major projects, such as the procedure design for the 2010 South Africa World Cup, and redesigning airspace to support growth in Hong Kong, Singapore and Qatar.

To find out more about the projects we’re involved in around the world, visit our interactive world map.

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