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Harnessing big data to optimise airline operations

NATS mos

Mission Optimisation Services

NATS mos has been designed for airline operations teams. It’s a an easy to use and powerful web platform that provides:

  1. Accurate real-time fleet-tracking and operations critical information
  2. Post flight analysis tools to evaluate performance and drive improvement
  3. Competitor benchmarking to highlight potential areas for commercial advantage

Time-stretched airline operations teams have to deal with a variety of challenges every day. The number and complexity of things to consider when forecasting, network planning, running daily operations and recovering from disruptive events can be overwhelming.

These teams regularly need to make business critical decisions with limited, and often incomplete, supporting information. Some airlines may have data that can help, but it is often stored in different places, difficult to access and time consuming to process.

NATS mos supports Operations teams by aggregating relevant data and then filtering and refining it to provide valuable information and beneficial insights. This helps teams to make better decisions - decisions that optimise operational performance and deliver commercial gain.

Features and benefits

Live fleet tracking

Track your fleet against plan and get real time alerts on sources of potential flight disruption

Post-flight analysis

Investigate fleet performance post-flight and analyse efficiency to drive continuous improvement

Competitor benchmarking

View competitor fleet performance and identify areas for potential competitive advantage

Data harmonisation

Access relevant information from a variety of disparate sources quickly and easily in one place

Historic data

Access extensive and comprehensive fleet data for previous dates all stored in the platform

User-friendly experience

Navigate the platform with ease and use functionality intuitively with our user-friendly design

Custom dashboards & alerts

Filter information to get what you need and create custom displays and notifications to suit you

Secure cloud technology

Use the platform with peace of mind that it runs on trusted industry leading secure cloud technology

Deep dive reporting

Get premium reporting services for deep-dive investigations into specific issues, events or trends

Expert consultancy

Get support from NATS Consultants with post operation investigations to identify areas for improvement

Help & support

Use easy to follow guides and get responsive helpdesk support from our expert team

Subscribe and go!

Set up with ease, subscribe to the services you want and start using!

NATS mos provides airline ops teams with real time fleet tracking, post flight analysis and competitor benchmarking tools to optimise efficiency and drive commercial advantage.

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