Demand Capacity Balancer

The power of predictability when every day is different

Demand Capacity Balancer (DCB)

Designed for airport performance

Demand Capacity Balancer (DCB) minimises disruption and optimises operations using powerful, accurate forecasting that balances demand with capacity allowing an airport to anticipate and mitigate disruption.

DCB enables you to:

  • Enable airport growth using data insights without the need for infrastructural change
  • Access a new planning horizon turning your operational data into facts
  • Manage demand and mitigate disruption through Target Time of Arrivals

Optimising capacity

IATA forecast that Air Traffic will double by 2036 with airlines carrying 7.8 billion passengers a year.   

Operating to plan is a challenge for airports as flights don't always arrive at the time they are scheduled.

DCB can help airports understand impacting factors, forecast demand and plan for performance.

Predicting demand to best manage capacity can reduce operational costs and negative customer experience.

Forecasting for perfomance

Decisions driven by data

Demand Capacity Balancer provides predictions ahead of operations for forecasting and planning capacity and demand, to mitigate disruption and to deliver seamless uninterrupted airside operations.

Utilising live and historic flight schedules, local and global weather data to simulate outcomes, teams can take the necessary pre-emptive actions to mitigate congestion long before it can materialise.

This transparent, robust and consistent information provides absolute confidence in planning and delivering resource optimisation across operations – avoiding cancellations and flying the schedule.


  • Develops responsive scenarios    
  • Utilises robust real-time data sources
  • Enables issuance of Target Times of Arrival
  • Provided as an always on, SaaS based platform


  • Delivers optimum plans to stakeholders
  • Plans based on operational outcomes 
  • Influences the peaks in demand
  • Backed by NATS expertise


Demand Capacity Balancer - Forecasting for performance


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