Drones – Introduction

Drones pose a new and growing challenge for air traffic control. We want to ensure the UK’s busy skies are safe and accessible for all to use and are working hard to ensure manned and unmanned aircraft can operate safely alongside each other.

NATS has a dedicated Drones portal where drone operators can find practical information to help them fly safely, including the map from the free NATS Drone Assist app; access CAA-approved NQE training; and gain a better understanding of the different permissions required to operate depending on the weight, purpose and location of a proposed drone flight.

NATS has also partnered with the Civil Aviation Authority to launch the Dronesafe website. The Dronesafe website provides an overview of the Dronecode, which sets out some basic rules for flying drones safely in UK airspace, as well as providing helpful information to enable people wishing to use drones for either recreational or commercial purposes to do so safely and legally.



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