Safety Culture

Assessment App

Identify the strengths and vulnerabilities
in your organisation’s safety culture

The Safety Culture Assessment App provides a good demonstration of the types of questions and results that are instantly generated in a PDF report.

Safety culture assessments enable organisations to quickly and effectively identify strengths and vulnerabilities in their safety culture using a valid and reliable international standard and to plan and implement tailored improvement plans.

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App features

Free to download on both Apple and Android

Very easy to set up, share and use

Instantly generates PDF reports of results

Provides engagement and understanding with users

Can benchmark across the organisation, within and across industries

Based on proven standards

Organisation Benefits

Reduces risk taking behaviour

Integrates safety across the organisation

Encourages people to take personal responsibility for their own actions as well as the actions of their colleagues

Safety Culture Programme

The Safety Culture Assessment App is part of the Safety Culture Programme that includes:

  1. Safety culture assessments
  2. Safety culture improvement plans for safety managers and leaders
  3. Safety culture improvement toolkit
  4. Reducing risk taking behaviour for team leaders and supervisors


Safety culture has been established in NATS for the past two decades with one of the largest Human Factors teams in the world.

For more than 10 years NATS has worked closely with aviation stakeholders and other industries that manage safety critical operations; conducting surveys with European ANSPs, measuring and improving safety culture in ANSPs and ground handling companies across Europe and providing consultancy in the Far East.

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