Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) courses

About the course

The NATS Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) courses (UK Module), are designed to instruct operators to a level which will satisfy the safety and operational requirements outlined by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Courses are available to individuals, small companies and large organisations. Successful course completion facilitates NATS recommendation to the regulator in order to obtain CAA Permissions/Exemptions for aerial work. Course instruction is provided by Air Traffic Control (ATC) professionals with comprehensive operational SUA experience, and is designed to facilitate a ‘tailored’ training approach. This enables NATS to satisfy the knowledge requirements of novices and experts alike.

E-Learning online course is also available for £500 + VAT.

This course covers many topics, including;

  • Aviation law
  • Meteorological studies
  • Navigation Studies
  • The principles of flight
  • Human Factors

Successful course completion will involve;

  • Passing the NATS SUA Course theory examination
  • Passing the NATS SUA flying assessment
  • Operations Manual/Operating Safety Case (OSC) review

Alongside proving your knowledge and airmanship capabilities, you will be required to create and maintain an Operating Manual/OSC which is a vital step towards obtaining CAA Permissions/exemptions.

We are dedicated towards ensuring that you obtain the knowledge and confidence that you will be operating SUA safely and proficiently in the future.

Please contact us to discuss options and prices if you wish to attend a 3 day face to face course.


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