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Digital Towers

Cutting edge technology optimising performance

A ‘digital tower’ can be whatever an airport needs it to be – from a turnkey solution that replicates operations more cost-effectively, to something underpinned by industry leading artificial intelligence that addresses complex and specific operational challenges. No matter the size or configuration, every airport can benefit from increased efficiency, resilience and safety.

Our approach focuses on augmenting reality – so whether solutions are deployed from remote locations or within a current physical tower – your controllers, and the wider airfield operation, can make better decisions.


Industry leading, flexible and future-proof

Key features of our digital tower solutions include:

  • A unique combination of NATS world class operational expertise mixed with Searidge Technology’s industry leading EAVD digital tower platform and state of the art Artificial Intelligence engine, AIMEE
  • Deployable in a totally flexible way, either as an augmentation to your existing tower or as a new standalone facility at a new location
  • Helps controllers make better decisions with tools that improve situational awareness and reduce workload
  • Works seamlessly with existing airport systems and data with the option to ‘plug in’ new functionality in the future


Efficiency, flexibility, scalibility and cost

Key operational benefits of adopting our digital tower solutions include:

  • Reduce delays, improve safety, operational resilience and boost controller efficiency
  • A cost-effective alternative to building a traditional physical control tower while also freeing up valuable space on your airfield
  • Group multiple airport operations from a single location offering economies of scale and greater resource flexibility
  • Offers airports the ability to deploy a contingency ATC facility capable of running at normal, full capacity, operational traffic levels

Product contact

Andy Taylor / Chief Solutions Officer

Andy is a former Controller and ATM expert with over 30 years in the industry. He is an expert in digital towers technology and would be happy to tell you more about our solutions, their features and the potential benefits they can bring to your operation.

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