Proposed introduction of Class C airspace in the vicinity of the Portsmouth and Southern CTAs

NATS is proposing to introduce a volume of Class C Controlled Airspace from FL125 to FL195 directly underneath the Southern CTA.
The adjacent Portsmouth CTA (to the west) FL125+ will be reclassified from Class A to Class C.
The Military will retain primacy over the airspace which contains three Military Danger Areas.
This will deliver a uniform airspace classification of Class C across both airspace volumes and a uniform base of FL125.
It will also enable an improved descent profile for a south to north CDR which is currently under consideration by the CAA and facilitate direct routings to airports in the south of England.

Please read the consultation document in the link below and respond via email as described in Section 6 of the document.

SAIP AD1 Part 3 CAS Consultation Doc (Final V2)

The consultation will be open from 30th June to 25th August 2017, a period of just over eight weeks.


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