SAIP AD3 – UK-Jersey Interface (aviation stakeholders)

This airspace change has been approved by the CAA, and will be implemented 6th December 2018.

NATS is proposing some changes to the ATS route structure between the Isle of Wight and Jersey.

These changes are necessary to align new Jersey routes with UK routes at the boundary between the two air navigation service providers.

These changes are mainly relevant to commercial IFR flights within existing controlled airspace above 7,000ft who regularly fly between the Solent airports and the Channel Islands.

We mainly expect interest from airlines and aviation-related stakeholders, but anyone may read and respond to this consultation.

To read the consultation material, please go to the Airspace Consultation website here.

To find out more about the CAA’s airspace change process (CAP1616) and how it applies to this proposal, please visit here.

This consultation is closed, it ran from 2nd-30th May 2018.


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