FASI North, Scottish Terminal Manoeuvring Area

NATS is proposing some changes to the ATS route structure in the Scottish Terminal Manoeuvring Area. These changes are necessary to support changes proposed (in separate ACPs) by Edinburgh and Glasgow Airports.

We propose to introduce the following changes:

  • Move the position of the hold for flights inbound for Glasgow (currently the LANAK hold)
  • Establish RNAV1 STARs to the new hold
  • Establish link routes to connect new Edinburgh SIDs to the enroute network
  • Establish link routes to connect new Glasgow SIDs to the enroute network

The changes proposed in this ACP will only affect flights above 7000ft.

All documentation related to this Airspace Change Proposal (ACP) is available on the CAA portal here.

In due course, a full airspace consultation will be launched in accordance with the CAA’s airspace change process (CAP1616).


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