Class C Stubs ACP

NATS is proposing changes to two blocks of airspace in Scotland between FL195-FL245 as follows:

  • One above P600 northeast of Aberdeen over the North Sea
  • One above N580/W958D northwest Glasgow


These are referred to as “Class C stubs” and are proposed to provide connectivity between the lower air routes and the Class C airspace above FL245 within TRA008B and TRA008C.

This consultation has ended.

The period of consultation started on 13th January 2014 and closed on 10th March 2014, a period of eight weeks. If the proposal is approved by the CAA, implementation of the airspace change will occur at an appropriate opportunity but, in any event, not before September 18th 2014 (coordinated with the change of the Class F ADRs to Class E).


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