Reclassification of Class D airspace within the Manchester CTR to Class G

During 2008, work commenced on an Airspace Change Proposal to reclassify several portions of Class D airspace within the Manchester CTR to Class G. Fillets of airspace proposed to be reclassified to Class G would remove some complexity by harmonising base altitudes, facilitating easier navigation in the area (thus reducing CAS infringements) and will provide access to more airspace by general aviation. During the early part of 2009, the Manchester CTR Airspace Change Proposal was put on hold due to the resource and attention required in moving the Manchester Area Control Centre to Prestwick. In late 2011, the Airspace Change Proposal was reinvigorated with an update letter and Consultation Feedback document sent to all previously consulted stakeholders, and anyone else who had previously responded to the initial consultation.

This Consultation has ended.

Feedback received via this consultation has been analyzed and a report forwarded to DAP on 28th November 2011.

The initial consultation document is available here: Manchester CTR ACP Initial Consultation.

The Consultation Report sent to DAP is available here: Manchester CTR ACP Consultatin Report.


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