Airway N601: Revision to Controlling Authority

NATS Terminal Control (TC) Midlands Sectors currently share access to two volumes of Class C airspace with the Military to the east of route N601, in the vicinity of East Midlands Airport and RAF Wittering. A schedule of open and closed times dictates when both parties can access this airspace.

Prompted by a lack of use of the airspace by the military and the knowledge that civil aircraft will benefit from its extended use, this proposal intends to make NATS the sole controlling authority, with permanent (H24) access to these Class C airspace volumes, for civil air traffic.

This consultation has ended.

Feedback received via this consultation has been analyzed and a report forwarded to DAP on 27th September 2013.

The initial consultation document is available here: Airway N601 ACP: Initial Consultation

The Consultation Report sent to DAP is available here: Airway N601 ACP Consultation Feedback Report


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