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We share a selection of hi-res photos on our NATS Flickr page. They are available to download and use for non-commercial editorial purposes. The Albums page provides a useful way to view the photos by topic.


‘Catch up TV for the skies’ – Airspace+ is a system we have to create visualisations of the air traffic in our skies. It can do this for anywhere in the world, and depending on settings, produce videos that update every hour to show the previous 24 hours of air traffic.

Airspace+ rapidly crunches thousands of lines of aircraft position data to create the visualisations. This includes Radar and ADS-B provided by FlightAware the global flight data company.

At NATS we use Airspace+ primarily as an awareness and education tool helping us to explain issues related to Air Traffic Management.


Below is a selection of videos that have been used on our various channels including news, blogs and social media. They are hosted on Vimeo and can be downloaded and used for non-commercial editorial purposes.


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