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An introduction to NATS

Our Corporate Presentation provides an introduction to NATS – who we are, what we do and where we operate among other key facts and figures…

Key reports

We publish four key reports each year; Our Annual Report, Corporate Responsibility Report, Customer Report and Gender Pay Report.

Our Annual Report presents details on operational and financial company performance from the preceding financial year. Our Corporate Responsibility report details our community and environmental program. Our Customer Report describes our customer focused activities and feedback from them. Our Gender Pay Report contains our statutory declaration and action plan on gender pay.

You can access each of these reports below:

2018 Airport Factsheets

We publish annual factsheets about each UK airport NATS provides air traffic control services to.

You can access each of these factsheets below:

Operational Statistics

Data for flights handled in the UK, at our centres and airports, for the last 15 years is presented in the three spreadsheets below:

Company Performance 2015-16

The table below summarises Company performance for the last Financial Year 2015-16.
Financial year ended 31 March 2016 2015
Financial highlights:
Revenue – £m 898.1 922.4
Profit before tax, goodwill impairment & exceptional redundancy costs (in 2015) – £m  137.1 226.5
Profit before tax – £m 44.4 200.3
Capital expenditure – £m 147.6 153.5
Net debt1 – £m 303.3 378.7
Gearing2 – (%) 49.1% 53.4%
Dividends3 – £m 81.7 77.0
Operational highlights:
Flights handled 2,278,000 2,216,000
Safety: risk-bearing Airprox4 (attributable to NATS) 0 1
Delay seconds per flight (en route delay attributable to NATS) 4.3 2.2
Cumulative % reduction in enabled CO2 savings (average per flight against a 2006 baseline) 4.3% 4.2%
  1. Excludes derivative financial instruments
  2. Ratio of net debt to regulatory assets of the economically regulated business (NATS (En Route) plc)
  3. Paid in financial year.  In May 2016 the company declared and paid an interim dividend for the year ending 31 March 2017 of £24m.
  4. An Airprox is a situation in which, in the opinion of a pilot or a controller, the distance between aircraft as well as their relative positions and speed have been such that the safety of the aircraft involved was or may have been compromised.

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