Training and development

While you’re learning the essential skills you need to take on the role of an Air Traffic Controller, you’ll either be based at our Training Centre in Whiteley, Fareham, or we also utilise training facilities in Gloucester and Jerez in Spain.

Inside College

Inside the main atrium of our Training Centre

The basic course lasts around two months, at which point you’ll be told whether you’re following the path of an Area Controller or an Aerodrome/Approach Controller. (This decision will be related to your particular aptitude and the business requirements at the time.)

Area students continue for another nine months, Aerodrome students for five months and Aerodrome/Approach students for eight. These are minimum timescales and the process can sometimes take longer if the business requires it or you need to repeat an element of the course.


A student learning in one of our simulators

Some important points to consider

There are great opportunities for people who succeed in our training process, but it’s important to think about the commitment you’re making.

First of all, you will need to relocate to Hampshire for the period of your training. And when you’re ready for your first assignment, you might find yourself moving anywhere in the UK. So flexibility – both at a practical level and in terms of your mental attitude – is very important.

The learning process is tough. You’ll be in College during the day and then expected to study for two to three hours every evening. There’s a good social life and camaraderie with your fellow trainees, but you mustn’t underestimate the effort involved and the amount of theory you need to digest.

Training at College

Training is a mixture of practical and theoretical learning

Last, but not least, we test you regularly through written, verbal and practical assessments. You have to pass these tests to continue with your training.

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