Meet a controller

Ultimately, there’s no one better qualified to talk about the role of Air Traffic Controller than the people who are already doing the job.

Steph Kelly

Steph is an Air Traffic Controller at Heathrow Tower

Below, you can find out more about life on a typical shift and get a sense of the day-to-day challenges that make the job so worthwhile.

Meet Steph Kelly – Air Traffic Controller

Steph has been working as a qualified controller since 2010. A family friend, whose son is a Controller, suggested that Steph might try Air Traffic Control. She applied when she was 18, but was unsuccessful. She then tried again after she’d finished at University, and that time got through.

Meet Ady Dolan – Air Traffic Controller, Tower Supervisor, Instructor & Examiner

Ady has been a qualified Air Traffic Controller for 12 years. While he was at University, Ady worked as an Aircraft Despatcher at Newcastle Airport. He went on a visit to the Control Tower and was inspired to apply to NATS to become a Controller.

Meet Dave Marshall – Head of Training, Heathrow

Dave has been an Air Traffic Controller for 25 years. He began in the RAF and then moved into a civilian Controller job at NATS after 12 years, first at Gatwick and then Heathrow.

Meet Controllers who have recently completed their training

Meet Andrew and a number of his colleagues as they discuss what it’s like training to become a validated Air Traffic Controller.

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