Supporting our employees

To create a brilliant workplace

We rely on the competencies, capabilities and experience of our employees in all aspects of our business - whether it is managing air traffic, our facilities, or our finances.

We are working hard to actively encourage an inclusive working environment that is welcoming to all. We are also striving towards an increasingly diverse, resilient and expert workforce committed to a programme of transformational change for the business.

Workplace effectiveness

For the past four years NATS has used the Leesman Workplace Effectiveness survey to gather objective data and comments on our employees’ experience of using their workplace. The data is used to make tactical changes and inform strategic decisions on our workplace. Our overall workplace effectiveness score has increased year on year and is now close to the benchmark across all businesses that have been surveyed.

NATS has also taken part in a practical study looking at the impact of indoor office environments to improve wellbeing. The two-year research initiative was led by academics at Oxford Brookes University and LCMB Building Performance, supported by Innovate UK. The project explored the relationship between internal environmental qualities and productivity. The study has given us new insights and demonstrated the importance of workplace design on productivity.

Working together with our Trade Unions

Our annual employee relations survey showed a steady improvement in the relationship between union representatives and managers – plus some ideas for further improvement. Our union representatives and managers talk regularly to try to manage change and resolve problems. The better we are at this, the more our employees’ voices are heard and the more we can move the business forward based on constructive challenge and feedback. Last year we jointly delivered with trade union colleagues a range of skills programmes to both managers and TU representatives as part of our ‘working together’ commitment.

Your Voice employee opinion survey

As part of the business transformation process and the key role employees play in it, we introduced a new employee opinion survey in January 2019. The ‘Your Voice’ survey focused both on areas identified as key to company success and on employees’ priorities for follow-up actions that will positively impact organisational effectiveness including engagement.

Respect at work

NATS is committed to improving inclusivity and diversity within our workforce. We want to create an environment which is welcoming and inclusive for everyone, where our employees can thrive. This means respecting differences, valuing opinions, welcoming diversity of thought and listening to others. This is reflected in our new respect at work policy and activity we are doing to embed a more inclusive culture. This is a key part of our priority to show continued focus on our people; together we can make NATS an even better place to work.

Commitment to gender diversity

We strive to create an environment where everyone is rewarded equitably for their contribution; addressing our gender pay imbalance through our gender pay gap action plan is an important part of this. We have made some progress, but we acknowledge that making meaningful improvements to our gender pay imbalance is a long-term commitment. Our gender pay report is available on our website here.

Some of the steps we are taking to embrace the benefits of gender diversity, now and in the future, are bespoke STEM activities for young women, provision of development and training opportunities through our new women’s network and we are one of more than 50 aviation and aerospace companies to have signed the Women in Aviation and Aerospace Charter through which the UK’s aviation and aerospace sectors are making a commitment to work together to build a more balanced and fair industry for women. For more information see here.


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