Supply Chain Management plays a critical role in developing, implementing and managing supply chain solutions that support the delivery of our objectives. 

Our supply chain has been externally recognised through CIPS Platinum Corporate Certification Standard and ISO44001 accreditations. A significant part of these accreditations is grounded in the effectiveness of our supplier relationships – an ethos that we are committed to maintaining. 

Our strategy is built around five strategic themes: 

  1. Building supply chain collaborations and strong external relationships
  2. Working in partnership with the business
  3. Driving value and innovation across the supply chain
  4. Having appropriate and aligned supply chain processes
  5. Building and consistently apply capability 

Building for the Future

Our operating model and organisation have been designed to enable our end-to-end supply chain to respond to the increasingly demanding challenges of the market in which we operate. External relationships are critical to our ability to deliver for our customers and we are organised to enable strong industry alignment through our Category Management and Strategic Partnership teams. 

What we buy

Supplier selection

Working with Suppliers

Payment Practices



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